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Get Curbside aims to allow commuting customers and businesses the ability to coordinate purchases, pickups and drops off with pinpoint precision and accuracy.

The weather in Chicago is horrible. It rains, it snows, it hails ... and for 9 months of the year, it's winter.

When you live in Chicago you learn quick that shopping is something that you have to work into your life.

You have to make special time to go out shopping.

On top of that, every day, we get up and we go to work. Every day.

But that's not it ... here's the kicker, between your home and your job, there must be at least 1000 different places where you could stop and buy something. But you don't ... why not?

I know why you don't go to these 1000's of stores. It's because parking is annoying and it's just plain inconvienent. And I agree with you. Let me tell you a story.

One day, I was driving around Chicago with my 2 year old son in my back seat. I knew that when he woke up, he was going to want some milk. But there was no way that I was going to leave my baby boy in the car, sleeping by himself, while I run into a store to grab something to drink. And that's when I had the idea for Get Curbside. I thought, why isn't there a service where I can order something, drive up and have someone come out and give it to me. All the while, letting my son sleep in blissful peace.

And along that same idea, why can't I do the same thing with the 1000's of different stores that I drive by every day.

In steps Get Curbside, Inc., your curbside coordination guru.

We may not have flying cars yet ... (super disappointing) .. but at least we can make progress with saving some of our time.